Minecraft, Your World Has A BIG Problem! | The SCIENCE of... Minecraft

07 Th09, 2019
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How much more is there to say about Minecraft? A lot it turns out. Have you ever wondered about the day and night cycle of the Minecraft world? It is fascinating... in the horrifying way video game science always ends up being. Today, Austin is going to show you just how scary the Minecraft world really is and why there would be no survivors.
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  • "We're doing an episode of something I thought of while I was in the shower." *a literal shower thought*

    an ordinary guyan ordinary guy6 giờ trước
  • I have trig exam tomorrow, this video was top in my recommendations, eh

    Hattington HollyHattington HollyNgày trước
  • So thats why the thunder makes zombie pigman and charged creepers

    atl and friskatl and friskNgày trước
  • Warcraft, and Pokémon Go have a 24 Hour Day to Night timer.

    JoNatHan KJoNatHan KNgày trước
  • If a Minecraft world is infinite, how does the sun go around it?

    Xarious1996Xarious1996Ngày trước
  • 2b2t left the chat

    Danny in corona timeDanny in corona timeNgày trước
  • The average earthling would weigh 210 kilos instead of 70 kilos ummm... that's not how mass works. Weight does not affect your mass.

    Benjamin BaerBenjamin Baer2 ngày trước
  • The final conclusion ( 12:10 )

    The WorshiperThe Worshiper2 ngày trước
  • That is no longer true that there is a border it breaks the world into lines glitches villages and the only thing you can do is go foward backwards and break blocks

    Bendyand Boris75Bendyand Boris752 ngày trước
  • It could go to fast if we used too much numbers per ticks including time in the server

    ShampotheSpiderShampotheSpider3 ngày trước
  • 9:32 what if the minecraft world is actually much larger than we think, BUT the player is limited to a small 60m by 60m square within the world, around the equator. this would explain why the minecraft world appears square. it would explain alot about the minecraft world. it would also open up alot more holes

    XX4 ngày trước
  • The fastest method of travel in Minecraft is actually a riptide trident in the rain.

    Blue FoxBlue Fox4 ngày trước
  • Dear Austin, HI, ITS ME, A FELLOW VIworld WATCHING HUMAN! i have a ?; How does the Hyperion New-U Station (tm) work? aside from uploading your consciousness to a central cloud/network. Like how it creates an exact copy of the previously killed Vault Hunter/user with a physical body that bleeds, or why/how the "new-u" doesnt get corrupted after a certain amount of copies...? TBH i just wanna see a Game Theory video on the Borderlands series (aside from MatPat's video on Jack)

    maxturbo45maxturbo456 ngày trước
  • It's probably just a design choice but hey it's enough evidence

    Bob lemonBob lemon7 ngày trước
  • this is big brain right here

    MazeNation :3MazeNation :39 ngày trước
  • Atmospheric density is a way to solve it

    Neo NatorNeo Nator9 ngày trước
    • The time flies whenever you’re having fun...... in Minecraft, what is your say on it....

      Neo NatorNeo Nator9 ngày trước
  • I wish my teachers explained science's important points just like you do Austin

  • HEY AUSTIN the fucken word is pronounced Cen-trif-ic-al not cen-tri-fug-al

    kevin grosskevin gross10 ngày trước
  • But, what if the invisible wall, is where the gravity gets too high, and Steve just refuses to go any further. Making the world even more massive

    Kharn The BetrayerKharn The Betrayer13 ngày trước
  • And that‘s why it has to be flat. I mean, after the bedrock layer, there is literally nothing else. Just voidy void!

    Raypha ._.Raypha ._.15 ngày trước
  • 11:15 Steve: I can lift more than 1 million pounds

    MishedPotatoz 88MishedPotatoz 8815 ngày trước
  • but you can break bedrock in survival i saw it in hermitcraft season 7 mumbo jumbo did redstone and bedrock broke explain this

    zivosaurus -rexzivosaurus -rex16 ngày trước
  • the problem with miitopia

    Mason SchillingMason Schilling16 ngày trước
  • This video proves that Steve is a GOD!

    1-Up Animations1-Up Animations20 ngày trước
  • Now that I think about it, what would the atmosphereic pressure be like?

    EnderLordSkullEnderLordSkull21 ngày trước
  • 4:28 Austin must be on his period

    Nitro123 HooliganNitro123 Hooligan22 ngày trước
  • Wait, he said the storms would be enormous, but why are thunderstorms are so rare, and the fact that are no hurricanes or tornados, and why does it rain, why is it not an insane amount of rain??

    - Lazarath Animations -- Lazarath Animations -22 ngày trước
  • Bedrock is infinite, theoretically

    Come on George ತ_ʖತCome on George ತ_ʖತ22 ngày trước
  • But it’s infinite on pocket

    Alex CrazyAlex Crazy23 ngày trước
  • In Minecraft PE the stripe and far lands exest.

    J BJ B23 ngày trước
  • Not really so period anymore...

    NiMeGaleNiMeGale23 ngày trước
    • (or at least maybe not for long)

      NiMeGaleNiMeGale23 ngày trước
  • BuT dIdNt YoU kNoW aUsTiN?!?! Minecraft is FLAAAAAAAAAT

    RayneDoesStuff - Games, Vlogs, and MoreRayneDoesStuff - Games, Vlogs, and More23 ngày trước
  • i just wanna know how this guy is not a NASA scientist

    No BodyNo Body23 ngày trước
  • 6:35 How to break your arm in 3 easy steps!

    MaxDaBomb109MaxDaBomb10924 ngày trước
  • Didn't mat said that the minecraft world is the center of the universe and the sun and moon spin around it at the place of the minecraft world spinning around the sun and moon like our earth? This was procen by how the sun and moon move in the game. Therefore the theory of the earth spinning wouldn't work... gravity and physics in minecraft would simply not work the same way as in our universe (obviously how on earth can dirt keeps it

    Adrian CalistoAdrian Calisto24 ngày trước
  • Actually, the world is even larger, but that is only by using hacks the world will stop generating at all at distance 4,292,967,269 blocks, in case mojang upgrades minecraft to be a 64bit aplication instead of a 32 bit one this will incriease to 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 but it would require a LOT of unnecesary work

    Scrap Master un poco de todoScrap Master un poco de todo24 ngày trước
  • Minecraft world infinite lol

    GravyFatherGravyFather25 ngày trước
  • that´s why the world is flat :-P

    bhukiYTbhukiYT26 ngày trước
  • Dude, but the minecraft world is infinite :)

  • Its much bigger then the border.. The border is just the habitable zone lol... 🤔🤔🤔

    alex wolfalex wolf29 ngày trước
  • Austin:*has a mental breakdown* Also Austin: instantly stop having a breakdown a second later

    nathan gossnathan gossTháng trước
  • Austin: MINECRAFT WORLD IS NOT FRICKING INFINITE Random Minecraft memer: hahahahahahahhhhha no

    OamsOamsTháng trước
  • i want matpat pls

    Ahmad Amsyar Rafif FaiqiAhmad Amsyar Rafif FaiqiTháng trước
  • why is this angry man screaming at me? ;-;

    Cursed Do Be DoCursed Do Be DoTháng trước
  • Fastest travel in minecraft is actually a boat on blue ice

    Roderick PixlerRoderick PixlerTháng trước

    Priyadathan AnandalalPriyadathan AnandalalTháng trước
  • what about how big the core is?

    Lexuan ChenLexuan ChenTháng trước
  • What if, unlike any other planet-star system, Minecraft’s sun orbits around the Minecraft’s earth?

    박종서박종서Tháng trước
  • It's never a minecraft video with him

    a turtlea turtleTháng trước
  • I was thinking maybe this is why Steve has no speed increase when he drops 1,000,000 tons of gold.

    dimond creeperdimond creeperTháng trước
  • Probably a stupid question but I thought of it and am curious enough to ask. What if the world barriers you... Let's be gentle and say 'mentioned' at the start isn't the edge of the entire Minecraft world. Instead, they are the edge of the habitable zone at the equator? I'm not smart enough to do this kind of math, but it does seem to me that this would make the world IMMENSELY larger. Would the extra size create more problems or alleviate some of it, since the planet wouldn't be nearly as dense?

    Brian LavietesBrian LavietesTháng trước
  • anyone: but i thought the minecraft world was- austin: NO ITS NOT FREAKING FLAT!!!!!

  • Austin: Clicks me: Copies clicking coincidence? I THINK NOT!

    Andre The Great YTAndre The Great YTTháng trước
  • Dude it's a game just play it or leave it alone🥺

    Daniyal SolkarDaniyal SolkarTháng trước
  • But it is hollow, the planet has no core

    NielsNielsTháng trước
  • Hyperdense nether core duh

    Sam SitlerSam SitlerTháng trước
  • Minecraft world does not spin, the sun and moon, and the stars move around the world. The world is in the centre of the universe.

    Trinay SharmaTrinay SharmaTháng trước
  • you can extend the world border to 2,147,483,647blocks/meters or the 32 integer limit, also its now playable to that point, you dont fall through it anymore (you can interact with items although mobs act weird)

    InoordnaInoordnaTháng trước
  • No one mentioned that he said CPG grey but it is CGP grey.

    BlueJBlueJTháng trước
  • don't you get it? physics in real life doesn't work in game where tree fly

    Kacper XTKacper XTTháng trước
  • The music is from the Carmen opera

    Hunter HollyHunter HollyTháng trước
  • Where is the light on the right side 2:20

    Arush pgArush pgTháng trước
  • I barely understand any of this😂

    M Reeza NoorbhaiM Reeza NoorbhaiTháng trước
  • We know almost nothing about bedrock, maybe there is a small star in the center of each bedrock block

    VengirgiremVengirgiremTháng trước
  • minecraft worlds are round

    Jt JtJt JtTháng trước
  • lol i watched this while waiting for a minecraft night to end

    timmy penguintimmy penguinTháng trước
  • Just saying with version1.15 or 1.16 did come infinite worlds as it is an optional setting in bedrock

    Red DevilRed DevilTháng trước
  • " PERIOOODDD ! " freaking hilarious lmaoo

    Zorie Babe09Zorie Babe09Tháng trước
  • What if the Minecraft world is geocentric?

    Riles HinsonRiles HinsonTháng trước
  • Minecraft world is actually a cube with a measurement of 60,000km to 60,000km. I did not make that up i searched on google and other website

    Siana HikaSiana HikaTháng trước
  • 11:12 Imma stop you right there fella, WEIGHT IN KILOGRAMS,??????

    JimselDieselJimselDieselTháng trước
  • Boii

    the emperor darth vaderthe emperor darth vaderTháng trước
  • now i have a mod idea

    Satium MithrilSatium Mithril2 tháng trước
  • CPG Grey? Just... No

    TopapoTopapo2 tháng trước
  • This is infinitely more entertaining than math and science class combined.

    ShojoDrawsShojoDraws2 tháng trước
  • And how do you know the day:night cycle isnt a normal 24 hours but everything isnt super sped jp

    SkyTiger GamingSkyTiger Gaming2 tháng trước
  • 3:32 you can clearly see that the world continues you just arent able to access it. It is infinite Austin. You are wrong.

    SkyTiger GamingSkyTiger Gaming2 tháng trước
    • @SkyTiger Gaming wow you commented on your own comment

      timmy penguintimmy penguinTháng trước
    • Austin is mad because hes wrong seems he cant admit when he isnt right

      SkyTiger GamingSkyTiger Gaming2 tháng trước
  • Am I the only person that checked to make they didn’t switch to a shoddycast video

    imaginationplayimaginationplay2 tháng trước
  • Animal crossing would also be safe to live : D

    Mak SanchezMak Sanchez2 tháng trước
  • ArmA 3 laughs at you with its accurate star map, accurate time scale, and even accurate tides

    StuG LifeStuG Life2 tháng trước
  • Can anyone find that video referenced around 1:50 in this video? I would honestly like to watch that video, if it's still around. Edit: My closest find is this one - viworld.info/rock/video/x3ur1HjJ0YmomKM.html

    Nick Jay YoungNick Jay Young2 tháng trước
  • I am learning so much

    Kaydence UngerKaydence Unger2 tháng trước
  • 0:56 its not nightmare fuel for Baldi thats for sure

    Aperture Productions StudiosAperture Productions Studios2 tháng trước
  • 2:21 why is the side closest to the sun dark? ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED??!!!!?!

    Matte BlackMatte Black2 tháng trước
  • And the day was September 11th or 12th And the day was September 11th or 12th.

    Foxy The KingFoxy The King2 tháng trước
  • So on one day I was playing Minecraft story mode then I look at Reuben at his eyes and his eyes look like human eyes and a game theory made a theory about their past builders and all that and today just watched The Villager one about that they are one gruop of the two past Builders so can it be possible for people to turn into pigs or just into Enderman or villagers so that's why i'm asking (say it to Game Theory) Game Theory.

    Foxy The KingFoxy The King2 tháng trước
  • Theory battle: Austin vs matpat Comment your bets.

    Joshua MeyerJoshua Meyer2 tháng trước
  • Is it just me, or does that music sound like someone playing a warframe shawzin

    HurtAlloyHurtAlloy2 tháng trước
  • 😍

    Gaming Unicron cute 80Gaming Unicron cute 802 tháng trước
  • Dear Austin, You can just use Benfords law to prove like, 90 percent of your theory. Benfords law is when you take a set of numbers, or a set of data, no matter where from, if it is natural, 30 percent of numbers will start with one, 17 percent with 2, and so on until 9. It can be used to predict peoples decisions, and if you vote in an election for your 4th choice, instead of your first choice, it actually messes up benfords law, and if you measure the distance of every recorded galaxy it will follow benfords law, no matter what you measure it in, you could use your pinky finger, and benfords law appears. It proves what is possible and not possible, if something is not possible, it doesn't follow benfords law. it is written into everything on our planet, and proves nature, and your very mind, can be predicted and is not random.

    SorbateSorbate2 tháng trước
  • Matt can you make a heart of ender theory

    Tati MaldonadoTati Maldonado2 tháng trước
  • ...are you a quantum physics major or something? That’s a lotta math.

    Oksana HOksana H2 tháng trước
  • lol austin yells 10x more than matpat

    Rachel ChouRachel Chou2 tháng trước
  • Anyone know the song?

    Emilio Garcia BenavidezEmilio Garcia Benavidez2 tháng trước
  • You...are smarter than Einstein.....

    Oliver SmithOliver Smith2 tháng trước
  • I love the fact that at the start of the vid the music playing is carmen

    Fatiha BerkiaFatiha Berkia2 tháng trước
  • "The shower is the best ideas come from" Me: agreed

    Gabriel GutierrezGabriel Gutierrez2 tháng trước
  • Well Steve/Alex *ARE* gods that can hold universes in universes in universes in univ-... Well he's gone forever. But what he was trying to say was that Steve and Alex are so strong to hold the universe in a universe in a universe in a universe in a univ-... Well dammit another??? *Geez*

    The EmojiMatorThe EmojiMator2 tháng trước
  • The fact that you fall off the face of Minecraft Earth at 30M blocks may suggest that Minecraft Earth is flat.

    Random Bike GuyRandom Bike Guy2 tháng trước
  • I love how passionate they are for math. Like saying trigonometry is fun. However, there are truly some of us who no matter how you explain math really struggle lol i wasn't even given the chance to be in trig lol

    Marissa S.Marissa S.2 tháng trước