Game Theory: Pokemon - Why Pikachu is SHOCKINGLY Terrible! (Pokemon Sword and Shield)

02 Th11, 2019
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We've talked before about the science behind Fire Pokemon. Today I am turning my Theorist eye towards a different type - Electric! Throughout the series we see Pikachu zap Ash and many others with its attacks. It got me wondering - how powerful is Pikachu? Or any Electric type? Well, when you look at the science, the answer may SHOCK you!
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Writers: Stephanie Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • 2016 wolfey vgc wins with raichu 2019 raichu is useless

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  • Didn't matpat already disprove the pokedex, making using the pokedex in this episode shady at best, and hypocritical at worse

    OrnsteinOrnstein4 giờ trước
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  • Something worth correcting is that I believe most electric type Pokemon would have bodies designed to be able to handle elecricity running through their insides. We are talking about a series with a fire lizard with an active flame on their tail so it would make sense that through a form of evolution, namely the Darwin kind of evolution, that pokemon bodies adapt to be able to survive their own abilities. This may actually be supported in the games and anime too. If Pichu uses electricity moves, it takes damage. Pikachu or Raichu do it, they don't take damage. This tells me that Pichu is the only electric pokemon to not have a body design to use its electricity without harming itself, which throws out the Pikachu shocking himself part.

    The Skeptic PirateThe Skeptic Pirate19 giờ trước
  • Ash: Pikachu use thunderbolts... Matt: That will do no damage, watch this video. Ask:OOOHHH... pikachu use thunder fang! Matt: 😳

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  • For all we know the Pokemon world could work differently so...

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  • another disadvantage of raichu according to the gen 6 handbook can only use four moves, two of which aren't electric

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  • "we don't know much about electricity we know its zappy" yeah nooooobody knows anything about electricity it was just always there and nobody ever invented DC or AC nuclear plants are just there from aliens to polute human world and electricity is just spawning by trees and dirt of course (this is all ironic even matpat's sentence certainly)

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  • if you going to claim what you do at least consider amperage. "A current of 10 mA or 0.01 A provides a severe shock, but it wouldn’t be fatal. As we approach 100 mA or 0.1 A, muscular contractions begin. It is imperative to realize that because of the heart’s low resistance, a current of magnitude as small as 10 mA through it is enough to kill us". the shock came from inside the pokemon then out, implying plasma was being generated in the pokemon producing an outward reaction to the potential difference? of idk 100000 volts if you are not an electric pokemon and do not have a skin theat would act as further resistance. now im no electrocution and we are missing the information needed to get amperage, so my argument is bias toward your dislike of pikachu.

    nick morenosnick morenos2 ngày trước
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  • You’re not going to have fun with your theory you just insulted my favorite Type!

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    • Shut up just focus on his words whats he want to say it's actually a useless rat

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  • MatPat, thank you for making concepts that are sometimes hard to grasp, easy and educational. I know now the basics of electricity. Woohoo! Thankyou thank you thank you thank you! Give Capat, Kidpat and Steph a scratch and hugs for me.

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  • Im actually saying this again from someone else in the comments but what if they can ionize or charge the air pre lightning bolt coming from their body and one more thing the pokemon world is full of magic and other unworldly stuff they may not even have the same physics of our world or they do but we don't have advanced enough science to figure it out

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  • What about Zeraora who charges up its fists and then punches. It would be like a taser because there would be no distance.

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  • use thunder bite the only good lightning type move

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  • All those adorable rat electric type pokemon suck. The legendary mythical ultrabeast mega and fully evolved are actually good. In other words, the Pikachu and it's evolution chain sucks.

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  • Palpatine used the force. Separate universe matpat

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  • I don’t get why xurkitree gets so much crap seriously most electric types are yellow and have some lightning built symbol at least Electivire has wire tails which is awesome

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  • Mat pat: pikachu is terrible because of the pokedex Me: yeah i would not call the pokedex reliable kecleon can change into any color... his zig zag on his belly not, a Mamoswine was dug out of an iceberg after 10.000 years and woke up in amazement after his nap oh or metang which gets not even a scratch from a jet plane crashing on it. Those are just a handful but seems like wikipedia is still a better source.

    L3 K0L3 K08 ngày trước
  • I am offended EEVE is my favorite Pokémon and that means you’re insulting EEVE electric Evolution!😡🤬! ONE LIKE =ONE EEVE AND EEVE EVOLUTION NOT OFFENDED!

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  • Aye Matt, what if pikachu’s body was negatively charged in the event of one of its attacks so that that electricity could find a positively charged opponent. When that electric attack is completed, pikachus body returns to positive.

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  • Pikachu uses call of Thunder: And then along came Zeus

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  • My raichu doesn’t like you roasted his little brother so he disliked.I know because he pokemailed me lol.I own one in Pokémon quest the rpg Minecraft version of Pokémon.In Pokémon quest he’s a straight upgrade btw

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  • MatPat: pikachu is weak Pikachu: completely destroys a mega Gyarados

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  • So I know this is old but, theoretically what would an electric type pokemon need to do to change the air to allow the lightning strikes to do the damage we see in the games?

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  • Just saying, Palpatine's Force Lightning takes a lot more energy than it seems, due to the (Dang it, now I have to use the sequels for proof) sheer amount of power Rey needed to summon a bolt of lightning to blow up that transport. I defend Star Wars

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