Game Theory: FNAF, The New Breed

12 Th12, 2020
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The original Five Nights at Freddy's spawned many sequels and sister games. Over the years I've played them all and through that stumbled upon the phenomena that is FNAF fan games. Games so loved by FNAF fans that those games have ALSO created their own universes - some linked to the original game and some all their own. These games have gotten so big that it's a wonder they haven't been struck down by the copyright powers that be - and there is a VERY specific reason they haven't. You see, Scott Cawthon has learned one thing that most game companies never have and likely never will - community.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Pedro Freitas, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • What if he really does have laser eyes

    Deadman14Deadman1413 phút trước
  • Even if the other games get popular, which they are in their own right, FNAF is so known and relevant that there is no chance of it being replaced

    ColoredFoxColoredFoxGiờ trước
  • Scoutt some time later: i made it I MADE MY OWN COMPANY FAZBEAR ENTERTAINMENT

    Ali FayaziAli Fayazi2 giờ trước
  • Just f****** stop it with five nights at Freddy's

    Lilly PeschkeLilly Peschke3 giờ trước
  • I have a theory . . . What if the kids were furries who wanted to be in the suits , but since they were killed they wanted revenge. So , they trapped William in his own🔥 . What if Chris told mike that he wanted to wear the suits , but they didn’t expect it to bite down. In the books what if they targeted people that wanted to end it all ?

    xxJJgurlxxxxJJgurlxx4 giờ trước
  • Nintendo is the Disney of videogame industry, and that's just sad

    Aramis leonardo soto felixAramis leonardo soto felix8 giờ trước
  • THEORY: SL COMES BEFORE FNAF 2 I think this is true because of the paycheck. We know the night guards are Jeremy and Fritz. We also know Michael is the night guard in most games. Including 1, 3, 4, SL and 6. And I think I know why it's not Michael. It’s because he is mutated by now. There were also murders. We know this from the FNaF 3 mini game. They don’t want any Afton’s at the place. Cuz' Will is a suspect. And Michael is purple, which is not very normal BUT THAT'S JUST A THEORY A GAME THEORY.

    Hinson HartHinson Hart10 giờ trước
  • TJOC is really good.

    Ugandalı Dılgeş HanUgandalı Dılgeş Han10 giờ trước
  • Honestly,Scott gaining the rights to the fan-fames would be quite cool,'cause that would mean they'd be canon

    Jakub PociechaJakub Pociecha11 giờ trước
  • I still remember egg baby before I watched this

    Meli VasquezMeli Vasquez11 giờ trước
    • Egg Baby is about 3 years old since the release of Pizzeria Simulator in December 2017 so it's not that hard

      Jakub PociechaJakub Pociecha11 giờ trước
  • Does anyone know the name of the song that plays at 15:00? I’ve heard it in a lot of the Fnaf theories and it sounds cool

    Diego MoranDiego Moran11 giờ trước
  • Ok a theory here what I got out of the show in Sister Location.Clara and Vlad so maybe clara is the mother figure of micheal afton and vlad is william.William does not consider mike as his son for some reason and the mom wants him to be noticed by william that's why maybe mike and his friends bully the crying child and gives him the nightmares in fnaf 4 i think this is why mike bullys crying child due to lack of attention

    Justin QuinlanJustin Quinlan13 giờ trước
  • I took a drink of water right before he said the new breed and I almost spit water everywhere

    Ryan MooiRyan Mooi13 giờ trước
  • We need a new timeline

    Finley HorneFinley Horne14 giờ trước
  • Anyone here 2021

    golz226 xgamzgolz226 xgamz18 giờ trước
  • Does anyone wonder where are the original 4 are I miss them

    Brendan Aaron PaglalunanBrendan Aaron Paglalunan18 giờ trước
  • 01:46 fnaf 6: am i a joke to you

    guii .39guii .3922 giờ trước
  • waaaaaiiiiiiiit a hot second, if chica is a chicken. then why does she have TEETH?

    the fish of blubthe fish of blub23 giờ trước
  • E

    Gabriel romeroGabriel romeroNgày trước
  • ⬇️This is how many people remember Egg Baby ⬇️

    Emma RussellEmma RussellNgày trước
  • What about final nights 4

    KrazyKuruptKrazyKuruptNgày trước
  • Bro intro why no turned off lego mario That guy is literally a demon

    icy corgi _901icy corgi _901Ngày trước
  • So I have a theory for you MatPat is it possible that all the characters from the games to the books would it be possible that they all have some spiritual connections like they could all be reincarnations of some past self? And thank you for these amazing theories and everything that you guys do and I hope you are all staying safe.

    Death LockdownDeath LockdownNgày trước
    • @Death Lockdown I’m not Scott Cawthon but I’m sure he’d appreciate your politeness

      Scott CottonScott CottonNgày trước
    • I honestly have no idea sir I was just trying to make a connection to how your characters all seem to know something about Fazbear Entertainment when not knowing what they do exactly and I do apologize if I had offended on your plans without knowing myself so once again I do apologize

      Death LockdownDeath LockdownNgày trước
    • How would this be relevant to the story?

      Scott CottonScott CottonNgày trước
  • Matpat I have theory i think the crying child is shadow freddy, just look a him in fnaf world does his mouth look a bit messed up probably from the bite of 83. that why he is shy in the fnaf 2 location.and he has the same messed up mouth. nightmare his voice line in UCN he says "The Shadow Fears Me" Is The Crying child the shadow? HELP MATPAT SEE THIS AND THANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO MY LONGTALK

    SuperSupremeSuperSupremeNgày trước
  • This is the same with Minecraft and the mod creators, how now the creator of the Sky dimension is part now of the creators in the new update of Minecraft.

    Gam- Er.Gam- Er.Ngày trước
  • Do people still refer to it as five nights at freddys I thought people just called it fnaf

    Shooketh ElmoShooketh ElmoNgày trước
  • rip egg baby

    Austin HouleAustin HouleNgày trước
  • This video it reminds me of one summer day in the park. I was having just a delightful picnic with my good friend Orville. And I said to him, I said, 'Orville, I...I have a story.' And he said to me, 'What's the significance of the story?' And...I said to him, 'Orville, not every story has to have significance, y'know? Sometimes, a...y'know, sometimes, a story's just a story. You try to read into every little thing, and find meaning in everything anyone says, you'll just drive yourself crazy. Had a friend do it once. Wasn't pretty. We talked about it for years. And then not only that,'ll likely end up believing something you shouldn't believe, thinking something you shouldn't think, o-o-or assuming something you shouldn't assume. Y'know? Sometimes,' I said, 'a story is-is just a story, so just be quiet for one second of your life and eat your sandwich, okay?' Of course, it was only then I'd realized I'd made sandwiches, and...poor Orville was having such difficulty eating it! Elephants have those clumsy hands, y'know? Actually, I-I suppose that's the problem. They don't have hands at all, do they? They're f-they're all feet! And I-I couldn't imagine anyone asking me to eat a sandwich with my feet. Now, if I recall correctly, there was a bakery nearby. I said to him, 'Orville, let me go get you some rye bread.' Now, I'm unsure if elephants enjoy rye bread, but I assure you that Orville does. Now, this was on a Tuesday, which was good, because rye bread was always fresh on Tuesday. They made sourdough bread on Monday, and threw it out Wednesday... Or rather, they sold it at a discount for people wanting to feed it to the ducks, and then, prob'ly at the end of the day, finally, they threw it all out. I-I don't recall. I do remember a man who would bring his son to the bakery every Wednesday, and...then go feed the ducks. He would buy all of the sourdough bread. Of course, y'know, you're not supposed to feed the ducks sourdough bread at all. It swells up in their stomach, and then they all die. At, uh, at least, that's what I've heard. Y'know, I-I never saw any ducks die myself, but I did notice a substantial decrease in the duck population over the course of a few years. I just never thought to stop the man and tell him that he was killing the ducks by feeding them sourdough bread! And if you want my opinion on the matter-heh, and I told Orville this as well-if you wanna feed ducks, or birds of any kind, for that matter, it's best to buy seed. I mean, when you think about it, breads of any sort don't occur in nature. They don't grow on trees o-or spring up from the bushes. I don't think birds know what to do with bread. What was I saying? Oh oh, yes yes. So I bought Orville some rye bread. What a fine day it was.

    Why do usernames existWhy do usernames existNgày trước
  • That song sound suspiciously like gory gory what a helluva way to die....

    Aj the trexAj the trexNgày trước
  • intro is my reaction to the tired and trite content of this trash channel

    the habbeningthe habbeningNgày trước
  • My brain: 10% school 90% FNAF LORE

    YungWeebling 222YungWeebling 222Ngày trước
  • I have my dino nugget and I’m ready

    Michael AftonMichael AftonNgày trước
  • i think it would be cool if scott sent a secret ending to all the custom fnaf game makers that they ALL have to include

    Liam EastwoodLiam EastwoodNgày trước
  • MatPat. I gotta theory. back in Sister location, there was a body inside Funtime Freddy. what if it's the same body as the girl in count the ways (book 1 story 3.) I don't know but it's been bugging me a lot.

    Teddy GassonTeddy GassonNgày trước
  • So GoldenFfreddy's design changed in FNaF 2 right? Well what if that means there's 2 Golden freddy's: Cassidy and the Crying Child. I believe this because both designs appear separately in UCN (Ultimate Custom Night) with FNaF 2 Golden freddy being an animatronic with an AI level and FNaf 1 Golden Freddybeing there at the end. Just a thought though

    the youtube plaguethe youtube plagueNgày trước
  • stay the course i will focus on my voice i will don't let anyone lead you astray

    アニメprokhartizアニメprokhartizNgày trước
  • (Hey uh game theory just some soul names) Elizabeth Afton/circus baby. Caddsy/golden freddy.Clara Afton/ballora.william Afton/springtrap(also known as Mama springy😂).Chris aftön(crying child)/shadow freddy.Charttlote Emily(Charlie for short)/puppet.gabriel/freddy.fritz/foxy.susie/chica.jeremy/Bonnie.

    payal Pumpkinpayal PumpkinNgày trước
  • I love how golden freddy just stays there while everyone runs away

    Hyper The newerHyper The newerNgày trước
  • Scott's last E: Encourage

    ValSpeaksValSpeaksNgày trước
  • I know this might be late, but remember your video on glitch trap and the theory that his soul is split into different forms like himself, glitchtrap and some circuit boards. What if shadow bonnie is one of those pieces. Let me explain, in fnaf 3 on night 5 your final task to get the good ending is to tap a shadow bonnie plushie, then as you said in your theory the final mini game might be glitch trap, what if shadow bonnie is a gateway for glitch trap, ill explain further, in the minigame you glitch around an atari style game which you said could be the origin of the circuit board, we unlock the minigame by tapping on shadow bonnie, this is the latest part of the game, in 2033 what is glitch trap was trying to escape the game with shadow bonnie, this would explain why he was in fnaf 2, he was constantly trying to let glitch trap escape and stop michael from freeing the souls of the animatronics to torment ol' Willy A for all of eternity, what if glitch trap was trying to create a new timeline, we know that glitch trap can indeed travel through games, as we know he always comes back, what if he was trying to come back through the atari games and shadow bonnie, what if, shadow bonnie is somehow correlated with glitch trap. Just a few thoughts i had thanks for reading.

    RenvarRenvarNgày trước
  • Scott's eyes looks just like his animatronics. His........... Children?

    Michael GilletteMichael GilletteNgày trước
  • Can we just take a moment to appreciate how SMOOTH AND STUNNING the game theory intro is?

    `Nighttime Roxy``Nighttime Roxy`2 ngày trước
  • MATPAT, I ONLY JUST FOUND THIS OUT, you know what, I’m not gonna say anything, hit pitch shift glitchtraps noises in help wanted, the noises that he makes when he isn’t fully formed

    MaxDaDwarfMaxDaDwarf2 ngày trước
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    Janet TaylorJanet Taylor2 ngày trước
  • But what mat pat didn't know is that there is another E it's it's e rush

    YrUdUm 2.0YrUdUm 2.02 ngày trước
  • Yanderedev: Doesnt suppport fangames* Scott:sorry we don't do that here Toby fox:same scott

    Smike animatesSmike animates2 ngày trước
  • he didnt extinguish he used the extinguisher to extinguish copyrights existence

    HailerHailer2 ngày trước
  • I love the joy of creation it is my favorite out of all the fan games

    Draco CDraco C2 ngày trước
  • Oh, you love to see it

    Script _0Script _02 ngày trước
  • We literally have FNAF 1-4 on Xbox

    Odd LebossboiOdd Lebossboi2 ngày trước
  • we will never forget you pixelmon...

    GavinoroxGavinorox2 ngày trước
  • Umm matpat, in FNaF vr on the plush trap dark rooms level, I saw a minireena peeking out one of the doors, I think this might be a sign FNaF 4 and sister location take place at the same time

    Spicy ghost gamer jakeSpicy ghost gamer jake2 ngày trước
  • I don’t know why but I like the theme song of game theory

    The drain BehindThe drain Behind2 ngày trước
  • EEE

    Baby GuppyBaby Guppy2 ngày trước
  • ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Tabitha GlennTabitha Glenn2 ngày trước
  • Whoever is here go check out the fnaf plus trailer and see how creepy and realistic it is

    joseph cencijoseph cenci2 ngày trước
  • Me and my sister found a secret animatronic in fnaf 1 at cam 2a

    Angela BickfordAngela Bickford2 ngày trước
    • Where?

      Scott CottonScott CottonNgày trước
  • nintendo: fan game oh its good. bang bang. what fan game?

    William gamerWilliam gamer2 ngày trước
  • Scott is just a great man.

    LunchbagLoserLunchbagLoser2 ngày trước
  • Lowkey I missed these creepy game Theories videos

    Jose CarrilloJose Carrillo2 ngày trước
  • SEGA and Scott Cawthon are the only two game developers who treat fan games with respect and care.

    Ledet BrothersLedet Brothers2 ngày trước
  • When i saw golden freddy in the beggining i thought there was going to be a jumpscare. I wanted one.

  • This might be a crazy theory but what if the fnaf franchise is just parallel universes which explains why some pieces seem to fit but don’t

    Omar Gonzalez GuadarramaOmar Gonzalez Guadarrama2 ngày trước
  • I watched every FNAF video in less than two days...

    Oh SangwooOh Sangwoo2 ngày trước
  • I like how it goes from fnaf to Amazon and Cinderella

    GreatYoutuberGamer95GreatYoutuberGamer952 ngày trước
  • It went to fnaf to Microsoft to Disney to Fnaf again I’m confused

    NlCKSWAG1123NlCKSWAG11232 ngày trước
  • I want to make a FNAF fan game, but I don't know the first thing about game development. And I'm a minor. That too.

    brandyn couchbrandyn couch2 ngày trước
  • I remember eggbaby

    AKHXDAKHXD2 ngày trước
  • i saw springtrap at bottom left of the screen when you were zooming into the monitor for the intro >:D

    Casey ReddingtonCasey Reddington2 ngày trước
  • Watch him ask the creators of the spinoffs to add some reference of glitchtrap into their games. Making us, the players, followers of glitch trap.

    Bumbumb dabumbBumbumb dabumb2 ngày trước
  • Hey mat. I probably should’ve done this a while ago but I just wanted to thank you. It’s because of you that I got into this franchise and have had so much fun with it all. All my merch and love is all because of you so I would just like to thank you. Keep up the good work man!

    ZakB0tZakB0t2 ngày trước
  • I love how Scott just threw the extinguisher at Microsoft.LMAO

    gamesofnation _gamesofnation _2 ngày trước
  • I just found on FNAF wiki that there wil be movie based on FNAF and its creators using your theories to make it. Congratulations! Also again according to wiki, filming will start in spring 2021.

    Sairus 323Sairus 3232 ngày trước
  • O my God that's genius

    favorite1880favorite18802 ngày trước
  • you did it again matpat the video finished right when i was done eating.

    Maslah 6000Maslah 60002 ngày trước
  • Okay, listen, I was kinda shocked by my theory too. But look Micheal killed crying child right? I- so what if the crying child was the one you shouldn't have killed?? Look: Micheal is the night guard for every fnaf game (Well not fnaf4) Just because sl robots didn't recognize him, doesn't mean the others does too. Look, Afton Is there in UCN, so they should know that Micheal is the night guard, they KNEW and didn't mistake him, so they were talking about crying child, since he didnt kill anyone except for him. I'm sorry if this theory is very useless😩👌💀💀 But hey, *THATS JUST A THEORY*

    Zinnura AbduvohidovaZinnura Abduvohidova2 ngày trước
  • Doesnt scott look like glitchtrap

    Miss silly batミスシリーバットMiss silly batミスシリーバット2 ngày trước
    • Lol

      Zinnura AbduvohidovaZinnura Abduvohidova2 ngày trước
  • Dude Toby fox should totally join in on this imagine a undervese paided by Toby himself

    joyray50 ablejoyray50 able2 ngày trước
  • Yesssss joy of creation on xboxxxxxxxxx

    Wireless gamerWireless gamer2 ngày trước
  • VIworld need the E.E.E

    eriq Herwineriq Herwin2 ngày trước
  • Hahaha imagine him saying fnaf plys is only fnaf plus wait till matpat makes a theory on it go check fnaf pluses channel remaking fnaf 1 but way scarier

    GAMING US 101GAMING US 1012 ngày trước
  • Embrace. Extend. Encourage.

    sorcmagiwizlv99sorcmagiwizlv992 ngày trước
  • i know this might be a lot to ask for but can you make a video on the current theory on fnaf because i went and watched the whole series and they is many times when you were wrong and im confused on very thing the books and the games :)

    Noah HullingerNoah Hullinger2 ngày trước
  • @the game theorists have you seen the new fnaf character mr moon I think that’s his name when are you going to make a theory about it

    Emily BalderasEmily Balderas2 ngày trước
    • Or his name is moon face it’s either that of mr moon

      Emily BalderasEmily Balderas2 ngày trước
  • **here after fnaf plus trailer*

    Steven DiazSteven Diaz2 ngày trước
  • "E" -Matpat 2020

    Kingfoot 25Kingfoot 252 ngày trước
  • MatPat I know, you like analise and make teories about games like Petscop. I recomend for you one of this games. When you make videos about "Catastrophe Crow! 64"? This game is like Petscop with huge, gigantic informations about history, secrets, coded texts and massive lore. Have fun with this game!!! Please, write when you make videos about "Catastrophe Crow! 64"! Did you hear about this game?!

    BeziRoche PolskaBeziRoche Polska2 ngày trước
  • Good point. I don't know, why Nintendo destroy his creative communities, using dirty Protective IP. Some fun-games had genius ideas. Makers of this fun-games do a lot of hard work and his work are exterminated. This is really dirty, unfair practise, what really f**ck the fandoms, communities of the Nintendo games. Bravo Nintendo, you should learn from Scott. This is how you should behave towards your communities.

    BeziRoche PolskaBeziRoche Polska2 ngày trước
  • This became an ad real fast

    AestheticBluAestheticBlu3 ngày trước
  • Stop the fnaf

    No more DegeneracyNo more Degeneracy3 ngày trước
    • STOP THE F N A F

      Scott CottonScott CottonNgày trước
  • I'm pretty sure the bite victim of 83' possessed shadow freddy who you can find in parts and service in fnaf 2. I'm thinking this because the victim was nice and shadow freddy doesn't jump scare you or anything he just sits there.

    apple care not foundapple care not found3 ngày trước
  • Scott is fanning the flames instead of extinguishing them

    GhostraGhostra3 ngày trước
  • Hey mat pat all of the fnaf fan base has decided that the crying child's name is CRISTOPHER AFTON I hope u see this

    Mini MoonMini Moon3 ngày trước
  • idk if this matters but in the first night of the first fnaf phone guy says the animatronics were forced to sing the same songs for 20 years. maybe changing the timeline

    person hperson h3 ngày trước
  • scotts not doing EEE hes doing EEI extend embrace and ignite

    mathew rivasmathew rivas3 ngày trước
  • Minitoon is doing the same thing

    Suleiman JattaSuleiman Jatta3 ngày trước
  • If only game companies were like scott

    Maddy RussellMaddy Russell3 ngày trước
  • ok, idk if this is relevant anymore or if this was already covered, or maybe I'm just dumb and dont know what I'm talking about. But i have a theory that the crying child DIDNT die. in fnaf 4, the ending has a flatline at the end of it, which i assumed meant that the child died, but a few days ago i was playing fnaf 1 and something phone guy said was rather odd. this is what he said: "its amazing how a human body can survive without a frontal lobe.". Now, he did mention that it was the bite of 87, which i am not sure if that was the crying child or the nightguard. Now back to the flatline, most of us including me thought that was the child being dead, which is a possibility, but with what the phone guy said, it may not have been him dying, maybe he was taken off of the system.

    Danny DevitoDanny Devito3 ngày trước
    • It’s confirmed that fnaf 4 shows the bite of 83, not 87

      Scott CottonScott CottonNgày trước
    • maybe im missing something, but who knows.

      Danny DevitoDanny Devito3 ngày trước
  • For a moment I thought I landed on the food theory I already saw xD

    GlutzahnLPGlutzahnLP3 ngày trước
  • Also did anyone see ONE NIGHT AT FLUMPTY'S 3?! @-@

    Darkened DaylightDarkened Daylight3 ngày trước