Game Theory: FNAF, We Solved Golden Freddy! (Five Nights At Freddy's)

12 Th09, 2020
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Yes, it's time to talk about FNAF lore... again! Theorists, today we are solving one of the BIGGEST mysteries in the Five Nights At Freddy's universe - Golden Freddy. I know I've talked at length about our favorite golden animatronic bear, but here me out. The newest Fazbear Frights book CONFIRMED it! It's time to uncover the SOULS stuck inside Golden Freddy!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Pedro Freitas, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • "You still have more, matpat."

    Golden rohanGolden rohan2 tháng trước
    • yes

      Thomas WardThomas Ward6 ngày trước
    • He h

      Henry StickminHenry Stickmin9 ngày trước
    • Make more fnaf tharys

      Enfemia RomeroEnfemia Romero20 ngày trước

      LT_ sweatytoesLT_ sweatytoes2 tháng trước
    • hey imagine william commemting here

      11 11111 1112 tháng trước
  • Matt: this is his pergetory or he🏒🏒 Me: oh shore he murderd kids and didn’t go to satin

    eileen neffeileen neff41 giây trước
  • “We solved Golden Freddy” wait I thought you solved him 5 years ago.

    Nathanael BaileyNathanael Bailey24 phút trước
  • I love these theory’s they make so much sense if you think about it

    Fishybro VGR PlaysFishybro VGR Plays43 phút trước
  • girl

    Kate DouglasKate Douglas59 phút trước
  • matpat are you going to be an actor in the fanf movie

    Alejandro Andres Colmenares BorjasAlejandro Andres Colmenares BorjasGiờ trước
  • The stich wraith is an elemental force trying to stitch together the continuity

    Millie QuickMillie Quick4 giờ trước
  • Goldenvictim And Goldencassidy: *Exist* Matpat: Im Gonna Do Whats Called A Pro Gamer Move

    samy Camposamy Campo5 giờ trước
  • But u might be on to something

    Çøøķįę BęąřÇøøķįę Bęąř13 giờ trước
  • Now I do believe golden freddy is a female names cassidy

    Çøøķįę BęąřÇøøķįę Bęąř13 giờ trước
  • Just my opinion. Maybe this book is only for the book lore. Idk what to think if William is in heck or in a nightmare

    Candace RobinCandace Robin15 giờ trước
  • He protecc He attacc But most importantly... He always come bacc

    WildHumphryWildHumphry18 giờ trước
  • Maybe there are 7 books because the are 7 nights. The sixth secret night and the seventh custom night?

    Noodle MonsterNoodle Monster21 giờ trước
  • no i didn’t stay up until 4 last night binging fnaf theory videos, that would be crazy! haha... ha... ha...

    Mina AshidoMina Ashido21 giờ trước
  • In Fnaf 1 + 2, I think you play as William Afton. You get fired for tampering with the animatronics - Willy A. took apart the animatronics for experiments after the nightguard experience. He kills kids as he's the nightguard in Fnaf 2. Fnaf 3, you play as either a random person or Henry. He burns it down as the nightguard or does it outside when a random person is the nightguard. In Fnaf 4, you play as the crying child (Chris Afton) dying (in a coma) at the hospital after being bitten; haunted by the memories of the animatronics. Also, haunted by the memories of his sister being scooped by Baby (hence the stomach mouths). In Fnaf 5, you play as Michael Afton going down into his fathers robotics area for answers (namely putting his sister back together). Then, in Fnaf 6, you play as Michael again; you bring all the souls (your sister, the killed kids, Henry's daughter Charlie, your father, and the incarnation of your mother Bellora) together and Henry burns them all and releases the souls. Possible killing himself in the process (him saying, "I am nearby"). In Custom Night (Fnaf 7?) you play as William either in Hell or in a nightmare state brought on by Cassidy. In Fnaf VR, you play as a random game tester who brought William back from the dead (the tapes). My theory is the paragraph above and this: when Afton was sprung trapped parts of his soul went into the endoskeleton of the suit (Springtrap, that part is able to control the suit and move). That part of his soul is the "I'll kill kids myself because I'm crazy." animalistic side of Afton. The other part of his soul went into the circuit boards of the suit (Glitchtrap, the one behind the scenes). That part of his soul is the scientific, experimental side of Afton. The side that works behind the scenes. Maybe, the Springtrap side of his soul went to Hell or into a nightmare state, and the circuit boards in the suit were taken out after the fire in Fnaf 3 (when Afton rebuilt and remodeled his suit) which were found later and scanned into the Fnaf VR game (the coverup) to release Springtrap. Possibly being used in old Atari-like games (hence the purple, glitchy bunny in Fnaf 3's minigames). That's just a theory; a GAME... you know.

    Video G.Video G.22 giờ trước
  • It is not the bite of 83 it is the bite of 87

    Damienorojriririi DuarteDamienorojriririi Duarte23 giờ trước

    Vannessa YTVannessa YT23 giờ trước

      Scott CottonScott Cotton20 giờ trước

    Vannessa YTVannessa YT23 giờ trước
  • Cassidy and Andrew

    Vannessa YTVannessa YT23 giờ trước
    • Cassidy and Andrew

      Scott CottonScott Cotton20 giờ trước
  • Golden Freddy is a girl

    Vannessa YTVannessa YT23 giờ trước
  • Cassidy and the bite victim of 83' share an endoskeleton, but the bite victim is still Williams son? right so why would he let Cassidy torture his father with them sharing an endoskeleton? (sorry if this didnt make much scence)

    strawberry kittystrawberry kitty23 giờ trước
  • Cassidy

    Vannessa YTVannessa YT23 giờ trước
    • Cassidy

      Scott CottonScott Cotton20 giờ trước
  • I need more lol! I’ve rewatched this series multiple times. I need more to sink my teeth into.

    Ro WilsonRo WilsonNgày trước
  • ik what is iN the box at fanf 4 it is the foxy mask the bloody knife and the crying child AKA Christ shirt

    Cashton NikolasCashton NikolasNgày trước
  • *Zappy hands*

    KawaiiTemKawaiiTemNgày trước
  • 😂😂😂😂😂🤣i-imagine seeing andru x cassidy😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • MATPAT I MADE A POSSIBLE CONECTION ON YOUR MOST RECENT GOLDEN FREDDY THEORYS!!! The ghost wears an alligator mask right? There is an alligator/crocodile animatronic in security breach

    Fox BoyFox BoyNgày trước
  • I, myself have just heard about fnaf this year ( and haven't played any of the games myself but watched the play-through of sister location) and the books, but the seven books thing with... the books, cought (sorry for improper spelling) my eye, I looked up how many nights were is fnaf 4, knowing there was more than 5, seeing that there was 7 night brought up a theory... what if the books were, just a nightmare? I know it's a streatch but it would make sense in context. With almost all he stories in the books evolving around.. children. And the game sister location states that some children are afraid of the animatronics, causing nightmares of them, having the last book, the seventh book the worst nightmare yet.. But if that doesn't fit into any thing, the books could be representing the crying child's nightmares... but this is just a theory..

    Sandra alvaSandra alvaNgày trước
  • if there is two spirits maybe the reason that golden freddy doesnt move because the cyring child doesnt want to attack his brother

    crookedcrookedNgày trước
  • Honestly I'm still not convinced that the crying child isn't Mike, The chewing gum thing is a pretty solid link but something just isn't sitting right with me, I don't understand why the books have been emphasizing humans being able to be animatronics without realizing it if we wouldn't actually see any of them in the games, That line from fnaf 4 is also still bothering me "I will put you back together" the only way I can think of it making sense is if he rebuilt Mike, It also feels odd to have Mike be the progtagonist of every game up to 6 but 4, Now don't get me wrong I'm not saying that crying child didn't posses Golden Freddy I fully believe he did I'm just saying I think it's possible that Mike's true spirit could be inside Golden Freddy and the protagonist we've been playing as is a rebuilt animatronic version of Mike like Matt was theorizing earlier we've seen this happen before with Charlotte and the Puppet, I also think it fits better with why the Golden Freddy souls would be in Mike's logbook in the first place because crying child is the "real" Mike watching over his animatronic counterpart, Lastly this gives a whole new meaning to the "It's me" all the way back from fnaf one, It's not hey brother it's me it's crying child talking to Cassidy saying literally it's me. Either way these are just my thoughts, this has been bothering me for a while and I just wanted to put it out there, I could totally still see a universe where Foxy bro is Mike the chewing gum thing makes a lot of sense, I just don't want to say Mike 100% couldn't be crying child, it still feels like a lot of things make more sense if he is. Anyways this was SUPER long so if you read it all thank you! And if you have anything that can add to or disprove this please let me know below!

    MaddieMaddieNgày trước
    • @Scott Cotton @Scott Cotton Thank you so much for reading all that and giving me your perspective! Firstly I really like your idea of what "I will put you back together means", The idea that it could be Fredbear talking to crying child saying "I will put you back together" refering to how he'll get new life in the suit is a great idea I hadn't thought of, Thank you for putting it here. Secondly about Charlotte and the books, I personally haven't fully read the book trilogy myself so I'm not the best to talk about it, If Charlotte's true spirit ended up controlling a doll though, I think that means it's still plausible that if someone is remade as and animatronic, it doesn't neccisairly mean that their soul has to be in that animatronic. Which means in theory it isn't impossible this could of happened to Mike. As for the importance of the books themselves, I understand that they are in a different universe and a different canon then the game, However from my experience with Fazbear frights and the theories I've seen about them on this channel, it always feels like these stories and these different canons are here to help us place together the lore of the games, Everything we usually see in these stories relates back to the Canon in the games, We've gotten massive lore drops from these books, including the identity of purple guy from the trilogy which was directly incorporated into SL, I understand why people wouldn't want to disect every detail they could from these books but in my opinion they're extremely important for lore drops, and for actually getting a decent idea of what actually happened, Which is why it just strikes me as odd that we saw the humanoid animatronics in the trilogy and in To Be Beautiful, You're right this doesn't neccisairly mean Mikebot, but the fact it doesn't appear in the games at all with any character just feels off , It could totally be nothing to be honest but just considering everything else we've gotten out of these books, it's something I just want to keep in mind and not totally rule out yet. Lastly about Fnaf 4, I actually think your idea about it being Mike in the Fnaf 1 timeline is really intersting, I think the doodles we see of nightmare could be from BV's ghost, since we can see his convo with Cassidy, but it also could totally be Mike's own drawing, I also don't want to totally rule out that bite victim could be the protagonist though, Just because of all of the references to death we see near the end, For example Nightmare supposedly representing death on the final night, and the flatline noise we hear, This could just be part of Mikes nightmares, But it also could be signifying the exact moment BV dies, it also fits with the Iv Drips we see and stuff, Either way your idea is really cool and I really want to look into it further for sure (Even though fnaf 4 is so scary to me) Anyways I'm not actually sure myself who crying child really is, Step closer is really solid evidence for Mike being Foxy bro, as we all know Scott doesn't do coincidences, However to me atleast it just feels like a lot of things also add up really well if Mike were to be crying child, I just don't want to totally call it impossible yet you know? I also don't know how confident I am in that theory I posted above, It just felt like it could be another way to look at things, As well as a plausible explanation that fits with the theory in this video, if Mike were to be crying child. Also this is so long if you came back and read this all thank you :) and thank you for commenting too I really liked what you had to say.

      MaddieMaddie15 giờ trước
    • Your ideas about it’s me and Michael’s “real spirit” being in golden Freddy are pretty unique and definitely an interesting take on Mikevictim, but there are a couple of things I think you should consider. The novel trilogy is a reimagining of the story, so it makes sense why they would include an element that isn’t in the games. As for Fazbears Frights, I believe the only time we’ve seen a humanlike robot in those is to be beautiful, which also doesn’t really have any connection to the game series other than maybe if the stitchwraith is made canon to the games, but as it stands I don’t see much reason to think it’s meant to imply mikebot, especially with step closer The logbook actually implies that Michael is the one having the nightmares in fnaf 4, not the bite victim. Fnaf 4 itself even implies this because you can sometimes hear the fnaf 1 night 1 phone call in reverse during the nights. The only way that would be possible is if the nightmares take place during or after fnaf 1. So this would actually mean Michael is the protagonist in all of the games if this was true. Is there a reason why “I will put you back together” only makes sense to you if it’s about Michael being rebuilt as a robot? I think It’s just as likely that it means the bite victim possessed an animatronic. Have we really seen that with Charlie before though? Something similar may have happened to charlie in the novels in that Charlie’s spirit was actually in a doll and not her robot body, but her “real spirit” was still controlling the robot. Again I like your ideas and I also hope this isn’t too long, it’s hard to discuss fanf lore without typing huge paragraphs. It’s a fickle thing

      Scott CottonScott Cotton20 giờ trước
  • “alligator mask.” hmmm. in the happiest day minigame, there is a kid wearing what looks to be an alligator mask.

    747 Hydra747 HydraNgày trước
  • Well, I don't know if anyone has said this or if Im wrong, But I can say something . Mangles UCN voice line says this " HE is here, and always watching. the one you shouldn't have killed. " key word here is HE. We know that Cassidy is a girl right? Or am I just being a bunch of baloney. But Cassidy is a boy. We know that Kelsey is. so this may be another part why ANDREW is the vengeful spirt. along with maybe Cassidy and Kelsey. ( Please tell me If Im being baloney- )

  • Maybe old man consequences is the crying child telling Cassidy too stop and go back and leave his dad William to his death

    Ethan SEthan SNgày trước
  • He attac He protec He always come bac He is the man behind the slaughter

    Natalie DouganNatalie DouganNgày trước
  • Here is a theory I think that is true William afton never killed a kid Henry did Henry caused the bite of 87 and 83 Henry was dressed as foxy and bited the person on purpose and killed the crying child on purpose too and after that henry hired a hitman to kill kids And one night the hitman accidently killed Emily Charlotte and after the hitman saw that he killed Emily Charlotte he ran away and then henry blammed willam for killing Emily william never did kill anyone and after that william opened freddy fazbear's pizzariea v2 and henry got in and killed children as a spring bonnie suit and after that william afton opened circus baby's pizzariea And henry put something that kills children when a child is alone and he only put it on circus baby after that william afton went to prison for something he didn't do and then william found out that henry used the things that kill children in all the animatronics and william escaped prison and he destroyed the animatronics and he didn't realize that there were souls in the animatronics and he went In a spring bonnie suit and died Herby controlled the suit and william was trying to escape the suit but nothing worked and william got burned again inside freddy's frights After that william was still controlled by henry with a remote and after Micheal afton went to circus baby's pizzariea and after that ended Micheal and henry worked together Micheal never knew that henry was the actual murder and after every animatronic went in the parts and service room and burned the place with Micheal in it henry knew Micheal was in there and henrys daughter was dieing I'm there he didn't care and after that henry still controlled william afton and then tryed to destroy the game but failed Henry was always the villan

    Galasticat.officialGalasticat.officialNgày trước
    • This is the most rubbish theory I've ever heard and people need to stop sympathising for william

      Mike playZ stuffMike playZ stuffNgày trước
    • As much as William is my favorite character do not start a theory where he's a good guy. It was bad enough when people thought foxy was. Please don't ruin my favorite character like this.

      marsha tuckermarsha tuckerNgày trước
    • This literally makes no sense.

      Tomtron 5758Tomtron 5758Ngày trước
    • I'm afraid that this is false. Henry is Cassette Man, and if you would listen to his voicelines, then you would know that Henry is a good guy. William is Purple Guy, and it's pretty obvious that he's the main villian. Also, you need evidence to backup you're claims.

      William Afton AKA Springtrap,Scraptrap,GlitchtrapWilliam Afton AKA Springtrap,Scraptrap,GlitchtrapNgày trước
  • MatPat: WE SOVLED GOLDEN FREDDY Scott: wrong MatPat: "Cries in theorist"

    DallasDallas2 ngày trước
  • Yup matpat is right cuz if you go see at "BAD END" of fnaf 3 you will see the each animatronics had one eye glowing, it means they have one soul but except golden freddy.... His both eyes were glowing...

    Msa AnkonMsa Ankon2 ngày trước
    • Golden freddy has one eye glowing as well, it's just that due to his position the light shines through his other eye as well.

      Tomtron 5758Tomtron 5758Ngày trước
  • I dunno if anyone's pointed it out already, but in the fnaf 3 ending the heads each have 1 glowing eye but golden freddy in the back has 2. Symbolizing their souls.

    Blue TopazBlue Topaz2 ngày trước
  • Wait. . . Isnt one of the pixel kids or whatever had an alligator mask?

    Conner RobertsConner Roberts2 ngày trước

    Your MomYour Mom2 ngày trước
  • Wait how is he golden Freddy if he is trapped in the stitch rath

    Jack AttackJack Attack2 ngày trước
  • The crying childs name is Christopher Afton and Christopher is not goldon Freddy he's shadow Freddy okay you got it Rong

    January OctoberJanuary October2 ngày trước
    • You actually got it wrong The crying child name isnt chris

      Automatic Bomb 2Automatic Bomb 22 ngày trước
  • So if william afton is the night guard being tortured in the game called ultimate custom night well then who is the springtrap and the scraptrap inside the ucn game? I'd like to hear this one out Hope u have more mysteries Btw tell the internet I said hi

    Andrei Jade JomocAndrei Jade Jomoc2 ngày trước
    • @Automatic Bomb 2 oh ok

      Andrei Jade JomocAndrei Jade Jomoc2 ngày trước
    • Ultimate custom night springtrap and scraptrap are nothing more than nightmares made to torture william

      Automatic Bomb 2Automatic Bomb 22 ngày trước
  • I found it interesting about the black tears the souls have black tears idk

    Reap sheepReap sheep2 ngày trước
  • Only took your six years

    taylor mc Knighttaylor mc Knight2 ngày trước
  • Best tedtalk

    Sebastian VelezSebastian Velez2 ngày trước
  • i got fnaf theory how can animatronic move operated first place ai and robotics wernt that avanced back then unless came from military theory is faz bear secreted testing miltery ai for us government thats stay in bisnuess so long cover up or it miltery shell company disguised family restaurant test miltery proudly adendife coumist sleepers and eliminate them

    Christopher WheelerChristopher Wheeler2 ngày trước
  • Afton just committed a infinite live trick

    Random GuyRandom Guy2 ngày trước
  • Glitch trap and William are brothers

    Second CampbellSecond Campbell3 ngày trước
    • The GachaTubers made Glitchtrap to be William's "" "" BROTHER "" "but this is totally wrong ......... Vincent does not exist in Canon Universe

      Daniel games0202Daniel games02023 ngày trước
    • Vincent is not Canon

      Daniel games0202Daniel games02023 ngày trước
    • Man Glitchtrap is William

      Daniel games0202Daniel games02023 ngày trước

    Anwar SadathAnwar Sadath3 ngày trước

    Anwar SadathAnwar Sadath3 ngày trước
  • 6:14 ‘He attac! He protec! He always com bac!’ That’s why I love this guy!

    KittenKat YTKittenKat YT3 ngày trước
  • I came up with a theory. I don't have much evidence so I guess it's more of a thought but hear me out here. At the end of this video you said we might have more than two spirts in golden freddy, Cassidy, crying child, and others. Andrew and jake keep accidentally killing people while in the stitchwraith. Both of them say it isn't them. Jake says he thinks something else is in there with them. What if it's Kelsey? Or at least some other stitchwraith counter part. Kelsey lured kids down to golden freddy to get them killed. They want to kill, possibly for revenge. So, what if the other spirt that keeps killing inside of the stitchwraith is him? Any feedback?

    Ashton SkyesAshton Skyes3 ngày trước
    • @Automatic Bomb 2 hmm. Yeah you might be right. I guess I should check my info again.

      Ashton SkyesAshton Skyes3 ngày trước
    • Kelsey is presumably a different form of andrew I have a feeling that the third entity if there is one may be the puppet soul

      Automatic Bomb 2Automatic Bomb 23 ngày trước
  • WOW

    Santiago HernándezSantiago Hernández3 ngày trước
  • Hi

    Santiago HernándezSantiago Hernández3 ngày trước
  • Yes

    Santiago HernándezSantiago Hernández3 ngày trước
  • 👌😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

    Santiago HernándezSantiago Hernández3 ngày trước
  • Golden Freddy collecting the darn Chaos Emeralds.

    Shandiesel1000Shandiesel10003 ngày trước
  • Ummm so you state that Cassidy and the vote of 83 victim share golden Freddy but Michael afton is the bite of 83 victim explain

    Bray bray McAllisterBray bray McAllister3 ngày trước
    • @Automatic Bomb 2 ok thank You

      Bray bray McAllisterBray bray McAllister2 ngày trước
    • Michael is the older brother not the 83 victim

      Automatic Bomb 2Automatic Bomb 23 ngày trước
  • scott is a paid actor by mat to let him milk the series further

    yeetus deletusyeetus deletus3 ngày trước
  • What's the point of making theories if Scott is just going to deny them (But like these are more informational than school)

    Seth SchultzSeth Schultz3 ngày trước
  • U gotta stop making me think so god damn hard matpat

    Abraham GalmichAbraham Galmich3 ngày trước
  • i- well fun fact this makes the whole do you remember you know thing make sense because we dont even know the crying childs real name we just know him as C C so asking him about his really name makes sense i mean you wont really remember alot of things about yourself if your head got biten and probably had brain damge....

    Shadow ChroniclesShadow Chronicles4 ngày trước
  • I'm actually mad... I had audible for a year and just cancelled it. I had no clue FNAF was on there!

    StillcageStillcage4 ngày trước
  • Is nobody talking about how when it showed a fnaf playlist, he didn’t even finish watching his own video? Also I don’t feel like doing a time stamp in the comment so I’ll put it in the replies later

    Apparently, Cat EggApparently, Cat Egg4 ngày trước
  • Fun fact, golden freddy's name wasn't always golden freddy. Scott originally called him "yellow bear". However Markiplier was the first to call him golden freddy, and that just stuck. Also I believe that cassidy and Andrew are siblings.

    LindseyAngel 18LindseyAngel 184 ngày trước
  • Hey MatPat, and fellow Afton fans! I thought this was pretty interesting seeing someone actually researched Cassidy's name so I did one of my own :D "The word is derived from the Greek: Ἀνδρέας, Andreas, itself related to Ancient Greek: ἀνήρ/ἀνδρός aner/andros, "man" (as opposed to "woman"), thus meaning "manly" and, as consequence, "brave", "strong", "courageous", and "warrior". In the King James Bible, the Greek "Ἀνδρέας" is translated as Andrew." Then I looked back at the word 'Opposed' which means.. "(tr) to fight against, counter, or resist strongly. (tr) to be hostile or antagonistic to; be against. (tr) to place or set in opposition; contrast or counterbalance. (tr) to place opposite or facing. (intr) to be or act in opposition. " Sounds familiar right? :) Hope you enjoyed my NameTheory-

    S u n n y R o s e sS u n n y R o s e s4 ngày trước
    • Get this person some likes

      AKA Alpha GamerAKA Alpha Gamer3 ngày trước
  • May alive Hmmm

    Iqbal KuwabaraIqbal Kuwabara4 ngày trước
  • Jonathan and Dio in golden Freddy like

  • 6:09 is the best

    Terryn W.Terryn W.4 ngày trước
  • There's always the option of the bite of '87 giving the kid brain damage to the extent that he developed a split personality, or even a split soul.

    Asheram KAsheram K4 ngày trước
    • @Automatic Bomb 2 Ah yes. No idea where I got 87 from.

      Asheram KAsheram K4 ngày trước
    • Its the bite of 83 not 87

      Automatic Bomb 2Automatic Bomb 24 ngày trước
  • He attac he protec he always comes back! 6:15

    TheRatBehind TheSlaughterTheRatBehind TheSlaughter4 ngày trước
  • It’s me? What

    Episode BoyEpisode Boy4 ngày trước
  • 1606 spotify also has the book in auido its awsome

    Miriam FloresMiriam Flores5 ngày trước
  • just like how you mention the fact how in the stitchraid is controlled by more than one person how about if the original 4 animatronics freedy,bonny,chica,and foxy were controlled by more than one soul it would make sense think of it freedy sings but has the urge to kill his murderer and the same things goes for the other animatronics too.

    Omar GonzalezOmar Gonzalez5 ngày trước
  • hey mat pat can you clear me up the 3rd story of into the pit and did millie die?

    Miriam FloresMiriam Flores5 ngày trước
  • What’s the chance Andrews the flashlight?he said he attached himself, and what’s in almost every fnaf game(iirc)?the flashlight!

    AmaréAmaré5 ngày trước
  • Gfreddies real identity is....oh dw I did research THE FANSSSS

    AmaréAmaré5 ngày trước
  • hol on........ stitchwraith collects animatronics part, just like ennard, right? no?

    Afina Alin KinantiAfina Alin Kinanti5 ngày trước
  • this theory doesnt make any sense at all. why would the cc be golden freddy with Cassidy?? meaning he would torture his father in ucn right? NO! absolutely wrong!! mike is the crying child!!

    Golden Freddy /FredbearGolden Freddy /Fredbear5 ngày trước
  • nothing better than watching Matpat talk about FNAF at 10:00 pm

    Kind_god98Kind_god985 ngày trước
  • "he protec" "he atacc" "but most importantly he always come bac"

    SureMilkiWaySureMilkiWay5 ngày trước
  • Can’t the seven gravestones be proven knowing that there could be 2 spirits in golden Freddy in the dlc for the vr

    Xx XXx X5 ngày trước
  • Scott: no ya didn’t

    Lad’s IncLad’s Inc5 ngày trước
  • Hi

    Helpy and Friends hafHelpy and Friends haf5 ngày trước
  • I think the story of the two souls represent Molten Freddy and Scrap Baby. Let's say that Baby, Ballora, Funtime Foxy and Funtime Freddy all lived in Ennard but Baby had a discussion with the rest of the group so she left Ennard and I think this theory works better because it's the only situation in the games that I can connect with the story of The Stichwraith because of details like the appearance of Ennard, how in Fnaf 6 it's shown that Ennard became two separate characters (Scrap Baby and Molten Freddy), etc, and I still haven't seen any proof, easter egg or connection in the games of the story of the stichwraith with Golden Freddy other than just revenge to William (and we don't even know exactly if it's William.) In conclusion: I don't think Golden Freddy tells the story of two souls in one body because of lack of proof in the games and it seems more obvious that The Stickwraith it's referencing the Ennard situation.

    jjsAB ARjjsAB AR5 ngày trước
  • These vids are very interesting

    2 TONEDRIP Gaming2 TONEDRIP Gaming6 ngày trước
  • i are so wrong

    Rudy Ibarra JrRudy Ibarra Jr6 ngày trước
  • Another piece of evidence is how the Golden Freddy from FnaF 4 in Custom Night sounds like it has two voices speaking together.

    jediorsith24jediorsith246 ngày trước
  • Purple guy don't ceap the devil waiting old friend

    Lu Ann TurkovichLu Ann Turkovich6 ngày trước
    • lmao 'ceap'

      ??????5 ngày trước
  • Alligator mask huh??? Sounds familiar... in the 2021 game... something to think about Matpat

    DvaDva6 ngày trước
  • You know how golden freddy has one eye? Maybe that one eye is jake and the other part is andrew. Just a theory. A game theory.

    yeeter 550yeeter 5506 ngày trước
  • Eazy breezy Quote matpat with fnaf

    Razor KatRazor Kat6 ngày trước
  • Yep I needed those nightmares.

    Ash NobleAsh Noble6 ngày trước

    Totally not PromTotally not Prom6 ngày trước
  • What if of the two questions left unanswered by the other spirit in Golden Freddy one was answered. You find the name Cassidy in the word search of the log book, it's the spirit responding. Their name is Cassidy.

    Sav is tiredSav is tired6 ngày trước
  • hol up, i have a theory, what if andrew is one of the kids in the fnaf 3 happiest day mingame, one of the kids there had a green mask that resembled a crocodile, we assumed it was happy frog at the time but the snout was too long, but with this we can theorize that it was a crocodile mask and that the kid wearing it was andrew

    Turkey TomTurkey Tom6 ngày trước
    • wait, i just remembered something that i could add to this theory, in the same mini-game, the kids at the beginning with the masks (crocodile,pig,etc.) were never realy explained, remember when there was the murder that happened in 1985? the first one? well since they werent stuffed into suits those spirits could very well be roaming around, and andrew was definitely roaming around before since he *chose* to attach to the faceless body, so my theory is that those kids in the minigame are the same kids that we see murdered in 1985

      Turkey TomTurkey Tom6 ngày trước
  • My name is Shi. I’ve been born today! And so was my brother. I got to meet my brother today. Though I miss my mother. I’m so excited to meet everyone. My brother doesn’t feel the same tho. Today I was born. And I’m so excited to meet everyone.

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    • shush mate

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  • I assume that the reason Golden Freddy is never shown standing or anything but sitting and twitching is because they are fighting over control or can't figure out how to move all together properly. This might be obvious but uh, here you go 😅

    Elizabeth MarieElizabeth Marie6 ngày trước