Game Theory: A Boy and His D̴̬̝͖͍̋͋͛̊͆͑̄͋̄͐̏̔̚͠ő̵͔̦̭͉̟̬͌͊̽g̶̹̀̈́̈́͆̃͌́͆̈́́̎͝ (Boneworks / Duck Season)

25 Th02, 2020
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There are so many secrets buried in Boneworks as it relates to Stress Level Zero's other games, especially Duck Season. There was still one thing left, after our last episodes, that I REALLY wanted to talk to you about. That is the connection between Arthur Ford, our Boneworks protagonists, and David, the protagonist of Duck Season. You see there is evidence that they are, in fact, one and the same. The SAME PERSON at different points in his life, circling back to where it all began and closing the loop. How did I come to this conclusion, Theorists? Let's get started.
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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, and Marc Schneider
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Duck Season = Real life Boneworks = Digital world Machine king = The void

    Shockw4ve8085 5Shockw4ve8085 59 giờ trước
  • "mini theory" -> longer than the previous episode

    David TurzakDavid Turzak17 giờ trước
  • Guys look at my comment in the first video. I marked a timestamp where we can see that david has in fact brown eyes and hair in duckseason.

    Maxi NolddiMaxi Nolddi20 giờ trước
  • emqrf90sdk mwiqudrofvigb0or5mfjk9ernio90hymni90h83tl

    Axolotl295Axolotl295Ngày trước
  • David has sky-blue eyes and author has brown eyes

    Ian RosenbloomIan Rosenbloom2 ngày trước
  • so i know I'm late but if you look at the prints of the ball they look like the cat's prints it went to in the door the prints are the same

    shadowfuzershadowfuzer3 ngày trước
  • 13:42 It could also be the fact that David (Arthur) suffered a very, very traumatizing event, that his mum was brutally slaughtered and butchered and that a man in a dog suit escaped a game and then attempted to attack David. So it could be trauma that changed his hair and eye colour.

    Matthew GloverMatthew Glover6 ngày trước
  • He lied he said mini theory

    Braden WatkinsBraden Watkins7 ngày trước
  • I have one theory What if David's house is the Void

    Cody PlayzCody Playz8 ngày trước
  • oh another thing about raycon earbuds you can run them over with a truck and they will be fine. :)

    JakeK The Minecraft ChickenJakeK The Minecraft Chicken9 ngày trước
  • Sonic look like a glizzy made of flesh

    Nathaniel KimNathaniel Kim11 ngày trước
  • But the mom did not age in at the future???

    Nathaniel KimNathaniel Kim11 ngày trước
  • What is stress planted that game and it was a test about the void and the planted the game with the mom but they didn't realize that david survives

    Tony TorresTony Torres11 ngày trước
  • The way Matpat explains and lays out his theories makes me believe everything he says. Even if I definitely know he's wrong and have even watched Matpat say that he was wrong himself.

    A.S.A.S.12 ngày trước
  • Fun fact: eye color can in fact change after the age of one. When I started elementary school a quarter of my right eye was light blue and now 10 years later both of my eyes are almost completely brown with only a white stripe remaining.

    CliffjumperCliffjumper13 ngày trước
  • Ik I'm late af to this whole thing but are we really gonna overlook that at 2:23 the realty company that sold the house in duck season was named Amityville Realty

    Jay DiceJay Dice15 ngày trước
  • 9:53 "Weclome Home"

    Kimberly ElstonKimberly Elston16 ngày trước
  • I have a theory... if what you are saying is right about David being aurthor... and the dog is him as well... then the dog can be another version of aurthor... a version that failed the mission in boneworks and is trying g to stop his yournger self from doing the same thing or the dog is aurthor working with the VOID and stoping David from something we don’t know yet or from stopping the loop he is in or the VOID for good just like little nightmares 2. This all may not be correct at all but I tried.

    lil A13X 107lil A13X 10717 ngày trước
  • Wait, you didn't answer why the dog was killing all the other people.

    Alleria DiazAlleria Diaz17 ngày trước
  • 1:58 the best thing i´ll ever see today

    Subnoa 301Subnoa 30117 ngày trước
  • Dont buy raycons

    Soviet OnionSoviet Onion17 ngày trước
  • I was thinking that after the last episode. that david is the dog... the dog pointing and rocking like a baby makes sense, and the dog comforting when he is stuck in the game as well

    MarshwiggleMarshwiggle18 ngày trước
  • Mattpatt: I'm not finding reasons Boneworks/Duck Season and FNAF are similar! Me: Uhuh

    Keryn PartridgeKeryn Partridge19 ngày trước
  • Big Brain!

    Hayden GallantHayden Gallant20 ngày trước
  • I had have a theory. the dog isn't the dad, but maybe Arthur is the dad. And when you open the void in boneworks the void stays open and the dog escapes Arthur realizes this and try to kill it but is too late the dog kills many families and David's mom, but david escapes and kills the dog. Now Arthur has to find david and close the void before more void creatures escape. And the words BAD DAD BAD KID means that the dad is bad for opening the portal and BAD KID is for david since no one will believe david killed a monster dog that attacked him so he is basically the person responsible for the death.

    LegendVRLegendVR22 ngày trước
  • Can’t wait for boneworks pc lol

    Dragon_slayerDragon_slayer23 ngày trước
  • Stress level zero: let’s make a good game Fnaf VR: **exists** Stress level zero: good idea

    WaterWebWaterWeb24 ngày trước
  • I mean based on your theory David did kill his mom technically

    Deadeye DroDeadeye Dro25 ngày trước
  • Could you do another video on this?

    Anime EarphoneAnime Earphone25 ngày trước
  • I zone out for a sec see a dog and almost cry

    GrapeGrape26 ngày trước
  • I heavely believe this but I think he has a different reason why he does it look at the video before this go to the theory you replied to look at the bottom reply and you’ll see what I mean

    Tina CollinsTina Collins27 ngày trước
  • MythOS in french (in 1 word [not myth-os] ) can be translated as liers (mythos)

    KiverixKiverix27 ngày trước
  • D̶̰̬̝̭̝̩͚̬̩͉̟̯̥͚̍Ư̴͈̫̦̔͋̒̆̌̌̾̍̍̀͒̚͘͝C̷̨̢͇̮̳̞̼̺̱͋̅̀̑̽͠͠K̶͕̖̏̓͂̅̑̂̋̀͒͑̑̅͝͝ ̴̨̧̧̯̞̤̤̯̠̪͙̦̝̖̘̎̆͑Ş̵̝̥̗̥̘͉͕͉̬̗̠̥͔̎̾̀̏͗̊͠Ȩ̶̨͉̻͙̂̏A̴̢̡̖̞̰̤̳̤͖̭̰̼͕̗͑͐͜S̸̡̭̪̻͈̲̹̳͕̹̖̊̔̕Ǫ̸̧̧̞͉͎̱͕̙̯̲̟̯̪́͜N̵̬̫̬̟̙̲̯͖̞̖̿̿͆͝

    Speedy Playz 2.0Speedy Playz 2.028 ngày trước
  • That the mom from duck season is the one oh trap the dad in the game .

    TheDawntravelerTheDawntraveler28 ngày trước
  • The mini theory is longer than a regular theory

    Harry_pottter206Harry_pottter20628 ngày trước
  • The snotty boat sequentially flow because pest pivotally detect modulo a relieved chive. eager, acidic hair

    Johnny FeavelenJohnny Feavelen29 ngày trước
  • I think the dog is the mom because the your my baby thing would mean the mom the dad would be son.

    Valrie VanekValrie Vanek29 ngày trước
    • nah that doesn’t make sense

      deftoneddeftoned3 ngày trước
  • D̴̬̝͖͍̋͋͛̊͆͑̄͋̄͐̏̔̚͠ő̵͔̦̭͉̟̬͌͊̽g̶̹̀̈́̈́͆̃͌́͆̈́́̎͝Game Theory: A Boy and His (Boneworks / Duck Season)

    David Cooper Roblox and moreDavid Cooper Roblox and more29 ngày trước
  • What if the void remains devoured his house. Leaving nothing and Monogon used it. And Arthur/David is finally going back into the void. What his home is now. And along with it. His mother’s dead body. Or as I think the glitch thing that welcomed him home. It would explain why he is brought to Fantasy Land. His mother’s unfinished job. Maybe a sign that’s saying: It’s Mom

    Charlotte ChapinCharlotte Chapin29 ngày trước
  • Sounds like half-life "head crabs"

    scan me qr code scan mescan me qr code scan me29 ngày trước
  • There are both a foot and baseball stain on the dogs fur which more than likely means something

    Purple MadnessPurple Madness29 ngày trước
  • The news says that the families disappeared not that they were murdered so I think that monogon kidnapped the people and put them in the house setups and was using the void created or something like that

    jthekillerjthekillerTháng trước
  • This gives me the scary feeling that he may be right. I mean... for once, everything adds up, there aren't any loopholes, no loose ends. If this theory is true, Matt Pat is officially a prophet. Because through all of his theories, he is either completely wrong, or 100% right.

    ggGamer2018ggGamer2018Tháng trước
  • Another way Arthur could actually be David because of Arthur being a double agent. He maybe would have to change his identity (which includes his name )so Myth OS didn't find out he was working for gammon as well as them which still leaves me wondering is this what could be his real name if what I'm saying is right so far it might be Arthur, David or every other name in existence. This also means Arthur might not be David (the duck season kid). I'm not very good at these things but this was what I was thinking while watching these theories.

    Dan SmithDan SmithTháng trước

    ShadowSpeed54ShadowSpeed54Tháng trước
  • My brother was blonde with blue/grey eyes when we were little but as we got older his eyes turned to brown/brown like mine. Weird.

    Jack o'LanternJack o'LanternTháng trước
  • ○ く|)へ

    josetheluckygamer2josetheluckygamer2Tháng trước
  • Lol what does stress level zero say about this "game hypothesis"

    j moneyj moneyTháng trước
  • i like how in these videos he put some words in zalgo text in the title

  • This is so funny because my hair was super blonde as a kid and now it’s brown, plus my eyes change shades every couple days. It definitely wouldn’t be as drastic as the eye color change in this video.

    Lawrence VioletteLawrence VioletteTháng trước
  • Wait why would David kill himself and why would he be Arthur? I swear these theorys make no sense

    mangle the foxmangle the foxTháng trước
    • Time loop stuff

      ESP PupsnKitsESP PupsnKits28 ngày trước
  • uhh actually "Arthur" is actually blond in his picture on his identity card

    Connie BrittConnie BrittTháng trước
  • "Mini theory" is longer than the previous episode.

    DeNubDeNubTháng trước
  • Some people ar wondering why Luke has blonde hair but anakin doesn't anakin as a kid had blonde hair and when he hit 22 or 20 his hair changed like luke when we see him in last jedi i think his hair isn't blonde

    B1 224B1 224Tháng trước

    mujtaba naseemmujtaba naseemTháng trước
  • Wow, may be he wanted to meet his dad at the Void...

    Clark GalgoClark GalgoTháng trước
  • ok, but, how do u explain him not killing anyone as the dog when u dont shoot him? why doea that stop him???

    aleksa mimaaleksa mimaTháng trước
  • Beacause Davids house is copyright

    cocojoey riveracocojoey riveraTháng trước
  • Wait so if that is supposed to be a replica of his house then does that mean the at everything from Duck Season is fake?

    Prebuiltroom901Prebuiltroom901Tháng trước
  • thats impossible because davids eyes are blue and arthurs are brown also davids hair is blond and arthurs is brown they look too different

    Lisa ShawLisa ShawTháng trước
  • TFS Goku: no one around, just you me and the void Echo: void void void void void TFS gohan: maybe we should just avoid that word Echo: void void void void void Gohan: WHY?!

    Magnaboss PrimeMagnaboss PrimeTháng trước
  • What if Herobrine is in void too. I know it is strange, but it can be a theory. A game theory :)

    DarkChefDarkChefTháng trước

    UwU UwUUwU UwUTháng trước
  • or david could've killed his mom to stop her from making that void game?

    YoEnvyYoEnvyTháng trước
    • or could it be that when u get the stuck forever ending you exchange info with that other boy and thats andrew

      YoEnvyYoEnvyTháng trước
  • You deserve a trophee for putting the sponsor at the end of the video

    ꧁-Funzeh-꧂꧁-Funzeh-꧂Tháng trước
  • Imma just do his job smash that like below

    Fishy BoiFishy BoiTháng trước
  • Y’know what I think? I think matpat is right. All head cannons and theories are right. Any person’s view of a fictitious universe and story is true. David IS Arthur. David is NOT Arthur. David IS The Dog. Arthur IS David and is The Dog. That’s why we love fiction! Because it changes based on a person’s viewpoint.

    Mya Wong - MRH StudentMya Wong - MRH StudentTháng trước
  • But sometimes you can also die in the end

    Shanmukha SathvikShanmukha SathvikTháng trước
  • If it David a K Arthur kill silly younger self that means he will die

    Shanmukha SathvikShanmukha SathvikTháng trước
  • Another thing you can do is test the height of Arthur and the dog if it's the same then you have more evidence

    Chris VidsChris VidsTháng trước
  • Wait if david is the dog, then he is guilty for the murder of his mom.

    Seth BeattySeth BeattyTháng trước
    • Then how would he kill himself?

      mangle the foxmangle the foxTháng trước
  • I liked the real mini theory jingle

    Andrew CastleAndrew CastleTháng trước
  • Your theories are so addictive 😂

    OdDAnnyboiOdDAnnyboiTháng trước
  • as stated in previous theories, people in the void are immortal, which confuses me. If he was defeated, future void David could just come back and try again. Why would he have incentive to stop trying after a single failed attempt, when you could just try again and again? Could be something to think about. 5 second edit: Also, if future David succeeded, it wouldn't cause a butterfly effect like I've heard/seen some people talk about. Since the void exists outside time and space - just like future David's consciousness - then the dog would just disappear back into the void, and the events that allowed future David to enter the void would've never occurred, while future void David would still exist since the void exists outside time and space, meaning it wouldn't be affected by whatever timeline changes that happen in the real world.

    JamesTheMakerJamesTheMakerTháng trước
  • What if Arthur is the kid who plays the game when David gets trapped for years, why would they go through the effort to add in an ending with a brown headed kid playing the game and David asking who he is if it wasn’t an important aspect?

    CharlosCharlosTháng trước
  • David is like Eleven and The Dog is like the Demogorgon: david and the dog are the same person and eleven and the demogorgon are the same "person" and in both universes they are trying to destroy each other and the void is the upside down

    Cruz ColemanCruz ColemanTháng trước
    • and to those who of you who are worthless and don't have a life I'm talking about Stranger Things

      Cruz ColemanCruz ColemanTháng trước
    • also he used the vines from the upside down to represent the void

      Cruz ColemanCruz ColemanTháng trước
  • The fact that we've heard so much from and about The Cat makes The Monkey, who we've heard almost nothing about, even more scary

    MagicLars15MagicLars15Tháng trước
  • This ain't a mini theory-

    •Exotic Gacha Emily playz on mobile••Exotic Gacha Emily playz on mobile•Tháng trước
  • 0:11

    OrangePalOrangePalTháng trước
  • lets think about this little nightmares style. david IS the dog but broke the loop by killing himself becoming arthur and tries t stop himself manually without the threatening disguise. but then again to pass through the void he needs a cocstume or hell be killed immediatly

    0Xxgodly shadowxX00Xxgodly shadowxX0Tháng trước
  • David being the dog is just like Mono being the thin man. Or has no one heard of little nightmares?

    crocgamer 78crocgamer 78Tháng trước
  • monki

    Kaelan 2Kaelan 2Tháng trước
  • and he cant tell stuff about multiverce so he cant tell what will happen in the "good man" finishing

    Gator SwagGator SwagTháng trước
  • 2:04

    OrangePalOrangePalTháng trước
  • if david killed himself... then how is he still there in that sene

    Gator SwagGator SwagTháng trước
  • i used to be blonde now my hair is brown

    JingleBerryBushJingleBerryBushTháng trước
  • To be honest I really liked the sans is ness theory. It was one of the first theories that got me Introduced to the channel, Also the Mario is insane the Theory.I loved that one 😅😂. But hey those arent theories. They are my OPINIONS thanks for reading

    Picrust yum yumPicrust yum yumTháng trước
  • I’ve noticed a small problem. If David as the dog went back in time to kill his younger self, then that would create something akin to a Grandfather Paradox and thus be impossible. Maybe David killing the dog is the universe’s way of fixing that, but that opens to: if the dog committing the murders is the inciting incident for David, but the dog IS David... it doesn’t quite work because where did the first incident come from? That is the textbook definition of a time loop, and as such, impossible. Several scientists have stated that a Paradox would be impossible, no matter which way you cut it. Maybe the dog is just an otherworldly creature? I have no idea

    Mason Newmaker99Mason Newmaker99Tháng trước
  • What sinks it for me is the idea that they're going to commit any story bandwidth in a future game to explaining David's use of hair dye and color contacts. Those kinds of details just seem outside the style of storytelling.

    L3XANL3XANTháng trước
  • Anyone gonna mention "WeClome home" at 9:53 ?

    Fairy FairFairy FairTháng trước
  • 10/10 Nugget impression

    DBZBoiDBZBoiTháng trước
  • My boy David is gonna be doom slayer in the void.

    GrimReaperKingGrimReaperKingTháng trước
  • This could be a time paradox where he goes back in time to ensure that he enters the void in 1997 and get what he wanted

  • 8==============o

    Amanda HernandezAmanda HernandezTháng trước
  • Wait on canon ending he kills himself would he be dead when he is a kid?

    Wendy KonkolWendy KonkolTháng trước
    • Was

      Wendy KonkolWendy KonkolTháng trước
  • 20 years later the void explodes the world is taken over and the military is looking for the one man that's fought and won against a void creature

    Persius KingPersius KingTháng trước
  • Younger version kills his future this little nightmares?

    Kanata AosoraKanata AosoraTháng trước
  • I mean TECHNICALLY if the kid really is the dog, then he is actually to blame for his mom's death

    Trainer StormTrainer StormTháng trước
  • An Adult self trying to stop the one who start all over, im getting a feeling of little nightmares 2 goin on here

    Flexible Apple70Flexible Apple70Tháng trước
  • Hold up, if David/Arthur is the dog, then why did they kill 12 other children? Also, duck season was made by Gammon, and I’m pretty sure that he transferred his consciousness to Monogon. Furthermore, why would Arthur be a double agent working for Gammon if they were the same company that resulted in the game that killed his mom?

    LOSTIELOSTIETháng trước